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Welcome - Hey friends! Thanks for stopping by to look at our amps. I'm an old rock n' roll guy from Texas who grew up in the 50's listening to the great ones...like Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Little Richard and of course the "king" Elvis.  I  built my first tube amp in 1952 to pump up the volume on my Crosley record player.  More...

Unique Designs - Frenzel amps are very different from anything else you will find in the custom boutique amp market.  Our inspiration comes from  the classic 50's-60's  tube amp designs that create the "tones you know and love" plus our amps have many added features and custom options not found in the original vintage amps which allows you to create your own design and your own individual tones! We manufacture a wide variety of amps and preamps for musical instruments and home entertainment use. They have a large selection of upgrade options  and we can configure them to suit your special individual requirements. 

Hand-Wired - Each one of our amps is like a work of art to us. Quality is our most important product, so we hand-build everything in-house at our rock'n little factory in the woods of east Texas.  All of our amps are point-to-point hand-wired with no printed circuits. We use military style tie-wrapped wiring harnesses for long life and reliability.  It takes longer to build an amp that way, but the end result is worth it.  Great care is taken in the routing of the wiring and placement of parts to provide the best signal path and lowest noise. 

Quality Control - Only the highest quality parts including low noise polypropylene capacitors, metal film resistors, Neutrik jacks, Micalex sockets and premium heavy duty transformers are used in our amps. 
Where possible we use only parts made in America. We use JJ Electronic tubes known for their warm tones and reliability. All tubes are prescreened for noise and hum, and tested for optimum performance before insertion in the amp. Before shipping, each amp is performance tested on instruments and speakers to insure all specifications are met and then it is burned in for 24 hours and retested. This attention to detail produces an amp that will last for generations. When we ship an amp, our goal is to deliver more than the customer expected. We put our name on our products and our name and reputation are more important to us than anything.  Read our Reviews page and you will see the truth in this statement.


Thank You  - To our devoted friends and customers, we cannot possibly thank you enough! If it were not for you and your great reviews and referrals, we would not be here. Your kind words and compliments on our amps give meaning to what we do here at Frenzel. The world is a very large place and we are separated by many cultures and beliefs, but there seems to be in all of mankind a desire to play music and celebrate life...to "rock"...and I thank God for that gift! If you are a first time visitor, thanks for thinking of us for your amp needs. We are constantly adding new products and new features to our products. Our commitment is to give you the highest quality product and the best customer service possible. We hope that you enjoy your visit to our site. 

Rock On! 

Jim Frenzel     

 Retro Mini-Head Guitar Amp Series

Small in size, but huge in tone! Smooth warm blues, jazz and rock tones that will take you there! We based these amps on the vintage Fender Deluxe, VOX AC15, and Marshall Plexi designs...but they are not clones. We added many new features suggested by our "rock on" guitar fans from all over the world which allow you the player to create your own unique tones.

Models:   FM-5E3DP    JF-5A3RD   HBX-AC15/30   FM-5E1BF   FM-5E1SS   FM-LJ5    

Retro Super-Head Guitar Amp Series

If you like it loud...these "tone machines" will get you and your fans rockin' ! They were  inspired by the classic Fender Twin-Deluxe, VOX  and  Marshall Plexi  amps. They are multi-voiced 50-100 watt amps with built-in 3 power level attenuators and many upgrade features including pure tube driven reverb and tremolo. The combination of gain and tone stack settings is almost unlimited. Think of these amps as the ultimate weapons for the serious creative player. 

Models:   FM-5E3SDX   FM-5E3SDR   FM-763SVR  STP-100   ST-800   STS-88    JF-B45-SBB   HBX-WC50/100

Classic Stereo & Hi-Fi Series

The ultimate tube stereos for your vintage vinyl and home entertainment center or your musical instruments. These amps use pure tube circuitry to produce those warm smooth classic "hi-fi" tones. They come with multiple inputs and many custom upgrades. Click on links below for more info.

SS-4772    SS-84    SPX-3030


Pure Tube "Hot Rod" Preamp Series

Looking for the classic Fender, Marshall, Matchless, VOX, Reverb tube tones?  The Frenzel "Hot Rod" Pure Tube preamps will give you great vintage tones whether you are driving a solid state amp or tube amp. Upgrades for custom voices plus a 1 watt power amp for those low volume late night sessions.  Great also for recording direct in.

FM-DP1   FM-DP2S     HB-1    FM-800Z    RD-47    JF-6G15




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