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FM-5E3SDX "Super Deluxe"
Retro Super-Head Guitar Amps


If you like it loud...these 50 and 100 watt "tone machines" will get you and your fans rockin' ! They were inspired by the classic Fender Deluxe, Twin, Bassman and the Marshall Plexi amps. All have custom dual voiced preamps with separate gain controls. The combination of voice, gains, and tone stack settings is almost unlimited...plus you can use different types of preamp and output tubes and choose solid-state or tube rectifiers...plus  a passive buffered effects loop! Think of these amps as the ultimate weapons for the serious creative player. All the amps are full frequency range amps and work great with guitar, bass, keyboard and harp. Retro Cage head or Classic head cab and matching speaker cab options.


Super Bassman Bluesbreaker
Super Deluxe
Super Deluxe Reverb  
Super Vibe Reverb 
Super Twin Plexi   
Super Twin 800  
Retro Bassman 100 
Super Twin Stereo 88   
Stereo Power Amp 3030  


FM-5F6MB "Mini-Bassman"
Retro Mini-Head Guitar Amps


Small in size...huge in tone! We based these amps on the low power vintage Fender, Marshall, VOX designs...but they are not clones. We built them into a small light-weight chassis and added many new features suggested by our "rock on" guitar fans from all over the world which allow you the player to create your own unique tones. Many custom upgrades available including custom preamp voices,  passive buffered effects loop and choice of preamp and output tubes.  Great for small venues or use the Line Out to drive the PA system. All the amps are full frequency range amps and work great with guitar, bass, keyboard and harp. 


Deluxe Plexi 525
Retro Deluxe 
Sweet Little 15
Little Jessie  
Champ Plus Blackface    
Champ Super Sportster                          
Champ Pro 

SS-4772 "Super Stereo 4772"
Classic Stereo & Hi-Fi Amps


The ultimate tube stereos for your home entertainment center or your musical instruments. These amps use pure tube circuitry to produce those vintage warm smooth classic tones from your vintage vinyl records. They come with multiple inputs and many custom upgrades including a musical instrument input for your guitar or keyboard.


Super Stereo 4772
Super Stereo 84    
Stereo Power Amp 3030

FM-DP1 "Deluxe Plexi 1" Preamp
"Hot Rod" Guitar - Bass - Microphone Preamps


Looking for the classic Fender, Marshall, Matchless, Hiwatt, VOX, Reverb tube tones?  The Frenzel "Hot Rod" Pure Tube Preamps will give you great vintage tones whether you are driving a solid state amp or tube amp. Upgrades for custom voices and a 1 watt power amp for low volume settings.  Great also for recording direct in.  Available in Mini-Heads and Rack Mount Chassis.


Deluxe Plexi 1   
Deluxe Plexi 2 
Retro Deluxe Plexi 5A3  
Hot Box 1    
Rocker 800Z   
Redd 47   
G-15 Reverb








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