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Retro Deluxe 5A3

Model Number:  JF-5A3RD
Model Name: Retro Deluxe 5A3 
Series: Mini-Head  

Great mellow jazz and warm blues amp. Think Les Paul tones.....oh yeah!

Price: MSRP................. $795.00  $495.00




The FRENZEL  "Retro  Deluxe 5A3"  is  a "vintage oldie" straight forward  single channel amp that uses classic 6SL7's  for preamps and 6V6's for outputs!  The design for the amp was inspired by the Classic 1949 Fender 5A3 Deluxe......but it is much more than that. The JF- 5A3 will give you the great mellow jazz and blues sounds that the Fender amps were famous for in the late 40's and early 50' alot more!  Think Les Paul tones.....oh yeah!


Standard Features:

Input Jack isolated from chassis for low noise, eddy currents, and hum. 

DC on filaments for low 60 hz hum.  

Star ground system to reduce induced current chassis noise. 

Warm smooth tones of the vintage 6SL7 preamp and driver tubes. You can also use a 6SN7 for different tones and overdrive.

Class AB fixed biased 6V6's for the dynamic vintage tones.

Classic 60's JTM45 - Bassman 5F6  style 3-BAND TONE STACK for extended flexibility in shaping your tone. 

MASTER level control so you can crank the GAIN up and overdrive the preamp without overdriving the output tubes.  

CLASSIC FENDER OUTPUT TRANSFORMER - for those real vintage blues tones! 

Power Output:  20 watts

Output Impedance: 8 ohms 

Line Out - post output transformer LINE OUT with LINE OUT LEVEL control for recording or driving a power amp, Auto switched internal load to simulate speaker if speaker is  not plugged in. Inject great tone directly into the PA system with the Speaker Simulated Direct Interface. 

***NEW FEATURE***   - PULL BRIGHT SWITCH ON GAIN  - This switch enhances brightness at lower level settings of the  Gain control.  As the control is turned up, there will be less effect . At the max setting of the  control there is no effect.

***NEW FEATURE*** - PULL DEEP SWITCH ON BASS – This switch enhances the Bass and attenuates the Treble.

5AR4 rectifier for dynamic pick attack...or you can use a 5Y3 or 5U4 for more sag or a Solid-State Plug-In rectifier if you like a no sag tight sound. 

IEC detachable plug-in three prong grounded power cord. 

Classic Fender Retro knobs 

STANDBY switch to turn off the plate voltage during warm-up.

Retro Vintage Cage Mini Head Upgrade - heavy duty lightweight steel mesh cage provides protection and excellent ventilation for tubes. Comes with easy carry Fender style strap handle. Overall Dimensions - 12" Wide x 10" Deep x 10" High

Chassis Dimensions - 12" Wide x 8" Deep x 2" High. (Add 6" clearance for tubes)

Weight: 15 lbs. 

Rock solid point-to-point hand wiring using only the best of parts...low noise tubular polypropylenes caps, metal film resistors, Micalex sockets, Neutrik jacks...etc. 

Sweet vintage clean to classic overdrive tones with three different types of distortion depending on whether you are overdriving the preamp, output... or both! 

Tube complement: The amp comes with 2 - 6SL7, 2 - 6V6, 1 - 5AR4 







Upgrade Options:

These options allow you to  customize your amp to meet your special individual requirements.

1. EFFECTS LOOP -   pure tube buffered serial effects loop designed to perfectly match the low impedance solid-state pedal levels with high impedance tube levels.  Add $75.00

2. EFFECTS LOOP FOOTSWITCH - adds jack to rear panel for footswitch  control of the EFFECTS LOOP bypass switch. Includes classic heavy duty footswitch with LED. Add $60.00

3. EXTENDED RANGE 4-8-16 OHM OUTPUT TRANSFORMER - for more tonal range and speaker options. Comes with 4-8-16 ohm speaker selector switch.Add  $50.00 

4. POWER ATTENUATOR -  Built-in power attenuator provides three power levels.  1/4 - 1/2 - FULL power.  Add $75.00

5. 100 - 240 VOLT POWER TRANSFORMER - for operation outside the USA. Please specify line voltage. Add $40.00

6. "SURFER" VINTAGE TUBE TREMOLO  - pure tube tremolo for those vintage vibe tones. Great for surf music! Comes with Depth and Speed controls on front panel.and footswitch pedal. Add $50.00 

7. DUAL RECTIFIER MODE SWITCH - Provides a switch to select between a 5AR4 rectifier for smooth compression on peaks or a FRED  high voltage solid-state rectifier for sharp pick attack and dynamic bass.  $50.00  



Dear Jim,  Safely, it reached home. Thank you. It is a wonderful jazz amplifier. It is a loved tone. Thank you. m(__)m! Kitagaki M. (Japan)

Thank you, Jim. My Retro Deluxe arrived today and it is an awesome harp amp. I tried out two vintage microphones with it and it sounds great! It delivers the tone I want. It’s loaded with numerous extras. It’s priced right. And it was shipped in the most secure container I have ever received,I appreciate your attention to detail in every aspect of the amp. I appreciate you sharing your commitment to outreach work as well.Frenzel embodies integrity.Thanks.May you have joyous abundance in everything you do, Best regards,Vin (Massachusetts)

Hello Frenzel,  I am VERY pleased with the JF-5A3 RD "Retro Deluxe" Guitar Amp that I recently received!!!  AWESOME SOUND AND TONE!!  Chaz P. (Colorado)
Jim - I have received my amp the Frenzel JF - 5A3 Retro Deluxe. All I can say is WOW WOW WOW what a spectacular amp, a true classic, thank you thank you thank you, I LOVE THIS AMP!  Bill S. (Indiana) 

Hey Frenzel Team  - I would like to thank everyone involved for the outstanding workmanship, professionalism and care you show in doing things right for the people who do business with you. The way you packed the amp so it would arrive in perfect condition is truly impressive.  I believe that of all the companies I have ever dealt with, regardless of field of expertise, your company is the one that has stood out the most. I tried the amp (JF-5A3RD/Surfer Upgrade) as soon as everything was ready to go and the sound is full and well defined. I will make sure people know about Frenzel amps among the musicians I know here in Montreal.  I'm very happy and I can't wait for my next gig.  Michel P. (Montreal, Canada)

Hi Jim,  I had never heard a 1949 5A3 Deluxe in person, but what I noticed on internet demo's was quite how ‘fat' they sound when cranked in comparison to later Fender amps. The Frenzel Retro Deluxe does this really well, almost like a fuzz. I have only cranked the master and gain fully in its 5 watt mode, and the overdrive is different from a Blackface or Silverface style, darker, more compressed, richer. It’s versatile too. In 20 watt mode it’s loud and has enough head room, it does jazz very nicely with a hollow body, clean or slightly broken up, and it also sounds great with a Telecaster. You can do Wes Montgomery or Punk with this head. I ordered a Tremolo on mine, which is lovely and has a load of sustain. It is a dark amp, I tried it with numerous different cabs I own before I found the perfect match (for me at least), an open back 1x12 with a 70s Fane/Hiwatt ceramic speaker. It is a bright speaker so I guess that makes sense. The Retro Deluxe also works well with an old school Alnico speaker for a 50s sound. I am impressed but not surprised how nice this amp is (it’s so quiet it’s almost silent), as I have had one of Jim’s 5E3’s for many years and it is the most reliable and well used amp in my studio, wonderful cleans, nice low gain drive on the Marshall channel. This new Retro Deluxe has already received several compliments from other players who have tried mine, it is a different amp to the 5E3 in a good way.I have lots of guitar amplifiers, from famous brands, boutique makers, cheap ones and oddball ones; this Frenzel is great and will get lots of use, highly recommended. The power scaling does what it should do (3 modes), you could definitely use it as a bedroom amp if that is your need. Lastly I should mention the Frenzel service, which is always as good as it gets. I am in the UK, and yet I knew what was going on during the build via constant email updates, and it was delivered perfectly and very quickly. Super friendly people, great service, great pro amps. Thanks Jim.   Rupert Latimer (Sussex, UK)
Hey Jim and crew! - I am really enjoying the amp. The best part of all this is the flexibility and ease of changing the tubes. I now have the exact tube compliment of  Don Helms the steel player for Hank Williams!   TC - (Florida) 

Hi Jim, I can not say enough about the quality and sound of the Sweet Little 15 and the Retro deluxe that you recently made for me. Every time I plug these in and get such inspirational tones with ease, and the value provided, WOW, Thanks, Mike H. (Victoria, BC Canada)

Hello, I received my Retro Deluxe (JF-5A3RD) amp today. I plugged it into my Weber Minimass and then into my computer audio.  I added some of my favorite pedals to the mix.  I soon found out I don't need some of my pedals nor do I need the Minimass.  The amp sounds great and has a good range of possible tone settings with the two pull controls on the gain and bass parametric eq knobs.  Thank you for throwing in the pull deep switch on the bass control.  This amp sounds the way I hoped it would and then some.  I plan to order the Sweet Little 15 next. Dan R. (DC suburbs)

Jim- Another big thanks... your amps are fabulous, and even more than my high absolutely loving both amps (twin rev., and custom retro), and they have been used on most of my gigs, and sessions... the smaller sized retro fits in my case/seat, and makes it easier for the packed van tours...cheers, and hats off to you Jim... Charlie H. (Canada)

Hey Jim, Pheeeew....just received my JF-5A3RD, amazing tone!  With just a little boost pedal to push those 6SL7 tubes over the top you get a really fuzzy, thick and unique overdrive unlike any other amps i've had.  Also has a great big round clean tone that i'm loving too.  From the way it was shipped to the build quality everything was AAA, was definitely worth the wait.  You can tell you guys take pride in what you do.  Mick B. (Illinois)

Hi Jim, Got the amp JF-5A3RD  yesterday.  Your care in packing was as good as I have seen. I let the tubes warm up for about an hour and have played it for about an hour.  I am VERY impressed with the old school Jazz tones I am getting on my Mann 5 string electric mandolin. I will write a more complete review in a couple of weeks.  Let me say thank you for this wonderful piece of gear! Pete M.(Washington)

SOUND CLIPS & VIDEOS - From our friend Dalibor Jurasin in Croatia

Durasin 1.mp3

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