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Champ Pro

Model No. JF-5E1
Low Price - No Frills - Plug & Play...Great Tube Tones!
One gain control. Do the rest with your guitar controls.

Price: MSRP................. $425.00 

Your Price.................... $325.00


The concept for the FRENZEL JF-5E1 "Champ Pro"  was a plug & play, no-frills, low priced, high quality low power practice amp.  There are no tone stack adjustments.....just a Gain control. You can use your guitar volume and tone controls to get your unique clean and overdrive levels and then set the amp Gain  control for the desired playing level. It can be even be used for small venues or miked through the PA for larger venues by using the post-output transformer Line Out jack. There is an internal load to protect the amp when no speaker is plugged in and to give you speaker simulated tones.  You can also us the Line Out  to drive a solid-state ampp to give you great vintage tube tones. is perfect for those late-late night practice sessions where you don't want to wake the neighbors. You can  unplug the speaker and use headphones. The "Champ Pro" comes with our multi-valve output tube circuit that allows you to use a wide variety of output tubes. It will amaze you with its warm vintage 60's Fender Champ blues tones ....and of course, it is loaded with all the features that the Frenzel amps are famous for. 

Standard Features

Input Jack isolated from chassis for low noise, eddy currents, and hum.   Star ground system to reduce induced current chassis noise.

Star Ground Circuit - to reduce induced current chassis noise.

Line Out - post output transformer LINE OUT with LINE OUT LEVEL control for recording or driving a power amp, Auto switched internal load to simulate speaker if speaker is  not plugged in. Inject great tone directly into the PA system with the Microphone Simulated Direct Interface. 

Class A cathode bias single-ended 6V6 for those classic 60's warm blues tones. You can also use octher octal based  tubes in the output stage like the 6L6, 5881, KT66, KT77.  Preamp tube is a 12AX7..but you may also use 12AT7's or 12AU7's for different tones and less overdrive. 

Rectifier Tube - Comes standard with  5AR4....or you can us a Solid Slate Plug-In rectifier for a tighter no sag tone.

Power Output - 5 watts

Output Impedance -  8 ohms

Vintage Controls - Classic toggle switch, jewel pilot lamp, and chicken head knob.

Hand Wired - Rock solid point-to-point hand wiring using only the best of parts...low noise tubular polypropylenes caps, metal film resistors, Micalex sockets, Neutrik heavy duty jacks...etc.

Front Panel - Input Jack, Volume, Pilot Lamp, Power On/Off Switch

Rear Panel - Power Cord, Fuse, Line Out Level, Line Out, Speaker Jack 

Standard IEC  three prong plug-in grounded power cord. 

Sweet vintage clean to classic overdrive tones with three different types of distortion depending on whether you are overdriving the preamp, output... or both! 

Chassis Dimensions - 10"L X 6"D X 2"H

Weight - 10 lbs

Upgrade Options

These options allow you to  customize your amp to meet your special individual requirements. 

1.  100 - 240 VOLT  POWER TRANSFORMER - for operation outside the USA.  Please specify the voltage you need. Add $50.00  

2. EL34 - 6V6  BIAS SWITCH - switch on rear panel allows you to use a 6V6 for 5 watts or an EL34 for 10 watts in the output tube socket. Add $25.00

3. PENTODE - TRIODE MODE SWITCH - switch output tbe from pentode high gain mode, to triode linear mode. Add $50.00

4. EXTENDED HI-FI RANGE OUTPUT TRANSFORMER - for extended low and high frequency performance... and with 4 - 8 - 16 ohm speaker outputs selectable by a rotary switch.  Add $50.00

5. SOLID-STATE PLUG-IN RECTIFIER - Use this solid state plug-in rectifier replacement for 5AR4 rectifier tube when less sag and a more dynamic Marshall type response is desired.  Just switch back to the tube rectifier when sag is desired.  Add $9.00

6. RETRO VINTAGE CAGE - heavy duty steel mesh cage provides protecton and excellent ventilation for tubes. Includes  style strap handle with nickel plated end caps. Add $55.00


Hi Jim, now the amp is here and I'm verry happy with it ! It's a beautiful little case so to say _ really like its small size ..and its great sound. So again thank you verry much and best regards to Texas. Marco P.  (Germany) 

Hi Jim, Thank you for the awesome amp!  Mark H. (Texas)

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